Christine Liu

Hello! I am Christine, and I’m in my second year of Undergraduate degree of BA Communication and Media. I studied A-Levels in an international high school in Beijing before I came to Leeds. I applied to the University of Leeds with three A-Level subjects: Psychology, Mathematics  and Music.

The first time I heard about the University of Leeds was during my UCAS application. I learned that the University of Leeds has a very high ranking among the universities in the UK, students are well supported and most importantly, Leeds has a good Communication and Media program. Before my application, I read articles written online from current students, their experience of studying at Leeds, how they spent their day and how life is like in Leeds. I read the course description for Communication and Media as well and I found many interesting modules that I always wanted to study. I knew that if I would be studying in the University of Leeds, I would have the university life that I always wanted to have…that’s when the University of Leeds became my dream school.

Since beginning the University of Leeds, my experience has been extraordinary! There are so many opportunities on and off campus. Every student can choose among over 300 societies at the Leeds University Union, which covers almost every single hobby one can think of. Every week different activities are held and information can be easily found on the Leeds University Union Website. I enjoy knowing that I have the opportunity to try so many different and exciting things I have never done before…like freestyle dancing, acting in musicals, singing in Acapella, even activities like skydiving and horse-riding. At the University of Leeds, every day is a new and exciting adventure. I have made many new friends from all around the world and by communicating with them I learned about different cultures and how life is like in different countries.

My course is much more interesting than I imagined. I get to learn different aspects within media and the effect of communication and media. I have a very positive studying atmosphere, and a chance of a year of studying abroad or work placement is provided to us in the third year. During the term I receive many emails from my school that recommends working or volunteering opportunities in different places. I’m currently applying for a year in industry, and hopefully I will be working full-time next year.

In my spare time I am involved in many activities including some performing and choirs, and this term I decided to try something about dancing and sports. Last semester, I also auditioned for the musical Grease held by my previous residence, Devonshire hall, and I sang in the chorus. The city of Leeds provides everything for our student lives. Downtown Leeds has many different shops that covers almost every brand, and in city center there are art galleries and museums. In my spare time I sometimes just walk around Leeds, do some shopping and explore the city.

I currently live at The Plaza, which is a private student accommodation located right in the city centre, only minutes away from supermarkets and shops, and 10 minutes away from the downtown area. I have a nice en-suite room with a big window that has a beautiful view of the whole city of Leeds.

I look forward to speaking to you!