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I’m Catalina and I am a third-year International Business and Marketing student undertaking my placement year at Pfizer. I come from Colombia, where I did the IB programme before coming to Leeds. I decided to come here because of the high-quality education and worldwide prestige of the Business School. Leeds University has a triple accredited Business School which is also part of the Russell Group, hence I have been able to experience world-class teaching and massively develop my research skills.

My favourite thing about university is the amount of opportunities that it has given me, for example, during my second year I became a Marketing Halls Exec for Central Village, a Digital Marketer at Digi Micro-Agency, and secured a year-long placement at Pfizer as an Oncology Marketing Undergraduate. These roles have helped me get a better idea of what is involved in a career in Marketing, and at the same time, strengthened my skills and increased my employability prospects. On the other hand, my favourite thing about my course is how interesting I find every single module as each of them covers an important and interrelated aspect of my degree. Similarly, I really enjoy applying my knowledge in seminars and getting feedback from my professors.

In my spare time I like to learn new things through the different services that the university offers. For example, I have joined some of the many clubs in the Student’s Union such as the ConsultingInternational Business, and Entrepreneurs societies. I have also used the Career Centre Services to attend several SPARK start-up workshops and learn about entrepreneurship and business creation. Furthermore, I have engaged with the language learning platform Rosetta Stone to start learning Italian. Apart from developing new skills, other things I do in my free time include cooking, watching series or listening to music, and exercising at the gym.

The city of Leeds is very friendlyvibrant and safe, I enjoy walking around and discovering all the different places it has to offer. My favourite one is the Leeds Kirkgate Market where I get to buy one of my favourite foods: ripen plantain. Another thing I like about the city is how multicultural and diverse it is, I have met people from all over the world and this has made me a more open-minded individual.

During my first two years at University I lived at Central Village, I stayed in this University accommodation because I really benefited from its ideal location between the city centre and the campus which allowed me to be close to lectures but also to the social and commercial side of the city.

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