Carmen Yee


Nice to meet you. My name is Carmen. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I am an undergraduate in BSc Accounting and Finance. Before coming to Leeds, I completed my A-levels at HELP Academy and my high school qualification in Sri KDU Secondary School.

Being a student here at University of Leeds is definitely a decision that I do not regret. I first heard of Leeds University when I was doing my research on high-ranked UK universities for Accounting and Finance. As University of Leeds is a Russell Group university, it has unquestionably good credibility in its quality of teaching and research, and it also has one of the top business schools in the UK. Not only that, there are plenty of opportunities offered by the University to help improve our employability, for example study abroad programmes and work placements.

As Leeds is the largest legal and financial centre outside of London, it is a very diverse city with a big population of both domestic and international students. Hence, the best thing about Leeds is that Leeds is a very student-friendly and vibrant city, offering entertaining yet relatively affordable nightlife entertainment. I remember in late September there was this event called Trinity Student Night 2018, held at the Trinity Leeds Mall. It was particularly memorable for me because there were a lot of sales and offers going on in the mall, and it was a great night out with my friends whom I had just met from Introduction week.

Whenever I need guidance on studies and my career planning, the support from lecturers and the Careers Centre are immensely helpful as they provide professional advice that are simply priceless. In addition to that, there are many chances for students to explore their interests and gain valuable skills which are useful for our future. For example, there are more than 300 clubs and societies (offered by the Leeds University Union) to choose from to match with your own interest. If you have an idea of starting a club which isn’t listed among the 300+clubs and societies, go for it!

I also like the fact that the University allows students to pick a discovery module which can help in widening our knowledge and also gain additional skills. This year, I have decided to go for Beginners for German as my discovery module as I am interested in learning one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and I want to have a more in depth knowledge of Germany and its spectacular culture.

I currently live in a catered university accommodation, Charles Morris Hall. One thing I like about my accommodation is that it is right on campus, hence it is very convenient for me because most University’s facilities are just a few minutes’ walk away. During the weekends, although meals are provided at the Refectory in the Union, I also like to try out new recipes to cook.