Anifat Olaide Onitiju

Hi! My name is Olaide, (also known as Jolaade), from Lagos, Nigeria. I completed the Arts Route International Foundation Year provided by the University of Leeds and I am now studying the LLB Law programme. I chose to study Law at the University of Leeds because of the features the School of Law possesses. It provides a learning environment that is equipped with knowledge, experience and competition. The university also ranks among the Russell Group universities in the UK which shows that it is one of the most acknowledged universities in the world.

Coming to the university from my home country, Nigeria, at a young age was something that gave me anxiety but when I got here, I felt welcome and it was easy for me to get a hold of my ground. Because I studied the International Foundation Year, making friends and socializing was not as difficult as you would expect it to be. The organization of classes for the International Foundation Year was in small groups which made it easier for me to socialize and interact with my course mates. The tasks given to me were challenging but they were necessary to prepare me for my first year in Law. The university really does provide adequate facilities for you to attain excellence in your studies. An example of these facilities is the school libraries. There are four libraries on the university campus which, especially as a law student, you will make use of very often.

The university is not all work as there is time to get involved in extracurricular activities but you must learn time management and discipline. The Leeds University Union has over 300 clubs and societies ranging from academic to general interest, among others. To cool off because of the workload in school, I practice my hobbies which are makeup and cooking. The city of Leeds is a very student friendly city and the standard of living here is very affordable. The people around are very friendly so if you get lost or you need help, don’t worry you can always ask for help. There is diversity present in the city, not only with the students but also in the cuisine and restaurants at the city centre. Major parts of the city are easily accessible using the city buses and local taxi services.

For the duration of  the foundation programme, I lived in an undergraduate university accommodation called Central Village. Because of its location right in between the campus and city centre, it is a highly requested accommodation hall.  It is great place to live especially for a fresher.

Be sure to send a message or an email if you have any questions as I will be more than happy to respond!