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Hello! I’m Anam Tahir, currently pursuing my master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the Leeds University Business School (LUBS). I am from Pakistan and before coming to Leeds pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from KASBIT University (Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology). I searched for the top universities in UK through different ranking tables, when I found the University of Leeds.  I believe the master’s degree is one of the most important stages of a student’s academic career and you need to be very wise in selecting a university for this degree. In my mind, I had only two perspectives due to which I selected University of Leeds and these perspectives were the ones that I was actually looking for. One was that the University I choose should be well-known and highly ranked in the field that I am interested in. The other thing that I was looking for, was something that makes a University very different from other universities. University of Leeds fulfilled my both the expectations: 1. it is one on the top ten universities, especially known for Accounting and Finance and 2. out of all those universities, the University of Leeds was best at collaboration and query responses. The UoL team collaborated with me in such a way that it seemed I am already a current student of University of Leeds.

My experience with University of Leeds has been spectacular and I am not just saying this but I mean it as well! First of all, the most significant thing for me is that University of Leeds respected my talent and skills, ignoring all my cultural differences and granted me the prestigious ‘Dean’s International Excellence Scholarship.’ Not only this, but during my entire journey up till now they have been supporting me the way that may be no other university could do. Whether it was about university scholarship, academic support or accommodation, Leeds University has played a vital role in my life. I have so much favorite things about the university. Specifically, the best thing about it is that it has a pool of diverse, talented and experienced faculty members. It is an honour for us to be under the umbrella of such good teachers and learn new things everyday. Another thing that I have observed is that Leeds does not bound itself to anything; it brings improvisation every single day, whether it is about any technology students are being taught or it is collaboration with other institutions.

University of Leeds has given me unlimited opportunities to enhance my academic as well as professional career. These opportunities do not only belong to the present but also to my future. For example, during my course, there are so many links, sources, events and workshops for us to engage myself in the future placement in my field of study i.e. accounting and finance. The career centre is open anytime for your queries regarding your professional career advice or CV enhancement. Also, besides the career workshops, there are also field trips to London and Switzerland etc, through which you can not only go and enjoy new places but also meet some highly ranked companies and have a chat with the senior professional personalities. The University has many exchange partners with the world’s top-ranking institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, East and South-east Asia, South Africa and Latin America. Students from all schools are given the opportunity to apply for a place at an open-exchange partner and study abroad. Everyday students are made aware with news and how the studied material applies in the practical life. Another thing which is very important and helpful for students in the field of Finance is the ‘trading simulation activity’ during the course. Students gain a practical understanding of financial markets whilst developing important professional skills, as part of a one-week trading simulation delivered in partnership with Amplify Trading.

To be honest, I am a very studious student but still Leeds offers an unlimited amount of social activities available inside and outside of the university. My favourite is the global café because I get to meet new people from diverse cultures and we enjoy talking over a number of interesting topics while enjoying coffee. Also, I would like to mention that the people in Leeds are very loving, respectful and helpful. Not only this but everything is nearby you in Leeds! Whether it is a halal restaurants, where I personally can enjoy my cultural food or grocery stores for your weekly shopping from. My university accommodation is a 5 minute walk to LUBS and everything else is nearby such as Laidlaw library, Edward library and the Edge. I would like to end up here by saying that my journey with University of Leeds is a beautiful memory that will always be with me wherever I am and I am very proud to be a part of the team of University of Leeds.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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