Amanda Kang

Hi, I am Amanda from Taiwan! I had my high school degree at Taichung Hui-Wen High School, Taiwan, and did a foundation year in Business at Leeds International Study Centre before start studying at the University of Leeds. One of my friends did her A-level in Leeds and that was my first time hearing about this city. I then googled it! And got more information about how amazing and well-known the University of Leeds is! I’m currently on my placement year, working as a materials intern at Gymshark. It’s a year long placement and I’m on my half way through. This experience so far has strengthen me in various areas, including multiple transferable skills and knowledge.

I knew I wanted a Fashion course, but the various skills provided, comprehensive syllabuses and along with the positive student experiences that I heard so much about meant Leeds became my first choice. I selected Fashion Technology. It introduces me to several challenges and new projects in the fashion industry. I really enjoy learning the scientific aspect involved in the fashion field. For example, the lab sessions of learning test methods for sports materials and the lab for giving us the chemical knowledge in dyeing. Plus, as it is a new and small course, each of us in the class share identical and sufficient resources and supports. Furthermore, We have opportunities to go deeper into the industry. For example, in my first semester of year one, we went to the mills to see the manufacturing process from fibre to fabric.

I like the diversity in University of Leeds. Currently, there are more than 8,500 international students and over 300 clubs and societies in Leeds University Union (LUU). The diversity in the university brings me opportunities to learn different languages and cultures on campus as well as building up friendships with various people from worldwide.

For me, studying in the university is a process of none stop learning and growing. I have learned and enhanced so many skills since I started my degree in 2018. Here at Leeds University, I get so many chances and support to explore and develop my potential abilities. I was not confident in myself at all before. However, after participating in different events and societies such as being an Art director in Taiwanese Society and being one of the assistants in International Welcome Team, I had gradually built up my confidence.

For future direction, being a second-year student looking for placements, I have found out the University of Leeds has a great career centre where they regularly provide CV and cover letter workshops as well as a wide range of career presentations for students to attend, which is a helpful platform for applying internships, placement and part time jobs. Moreover, UoL provides students chances to explore extra skills by taking discovery modules. Take myself as an example, I took a web programming module in my first year and gained the skill of writing a program in python.

Leeds is generally a lovely city in which allows you to travel to other cities easily such as Manchester, York etc. It is like a sparrow which is small in size but fully equipped to fly high. The city centre is centralised and organised. For me the best thing to live in Leeds is the cheaper consumption.

Traveling and hiking are the two activities I enjoy the most during my spare time. They make me feel refreshed. I like to explore as many places as I can. After participating in two walks with Get Out Get Active (GOGA) in my first year, I decided to have further involve with them. Thus, I am one of their volunteers this year and get more chances to discover the beauty of the countryside in the UK.

I am currently living in Solihull (right next to Birmingham) for my placement job. However, I have stayed in Henry Price Residence for my first two academic years. The reasons that I decided to stay in the same accommodation for two years are not only due to my lovely previous flatmates are still all living together this year but also its good location. It only takes 5 mins to my school; Design school and 2 mins walk to business school. The convenience undoubtedly highlights Henry Price. Most importantly, as living in an on-campus accommodation, I have free basic membership of The Edge, which is also one of the reasons that I don’t want to move out.

Waiting for you to get in touch!

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