Ahmed El Ghazawy

Hello everybody, Ahmed here. I’m from the magical land of Egypt, where the weather is always sunny and the sky always blue. Currently, I’m on my fourth year of the MEng Bsc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence course at the University of Leeds. Before I came to Leeds, I was studying computer engineering at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), whilst applying for universities in the UK.

Since I wasn’t in the UK at the time, my choice for the University of Leeds was based on university rankings, since it was in the top 20 UK universities both in general stats and for Computer Science. Alongside I also placed importance on the high student satisfaction rate and the research quality rating for the university.

I would say that I have had quite a university experience, both on or off campus. That is because the city of Leeds has so much to offer, be its seasonal events such as its Christmas market, the light night where light shows are done on iconic buildings in Leeds or having the grand theatre show a lot of famous musicals; old and new, and much more. However, the on campus wasn’t any less exciting either, if not even better. This was done by having joined societies of general interest, faith, academic purposes and sports ones.

During my second year, I was the public relations manager for the Computing Society, where I was in charge of reaching out to companies for sponsoring events and/or products, alongside talking to hotels/venues for planning the Christmas/End of year ball. Whereas this year, I’m the Social Media Secretary for the Leeds Bhangra Society, where I’m in charge of the social media pages.

However, these activities being extracurricular doesn’t mean their seriousness would be reduced, as we plan classes, performances (competitions and events), join in community service events such as feeding the homeless and plan social events for members and non-members.

Enough about extracurriculars, and let’s talk more about the academic side of my experience. In my third year of study, I was a representative for my course in the first semester. Then I applied to become the representative for the School of Computing and got accepted for the role. That role didn’t just entitle getting complaints from students of the school, where it also included representing the whole school on a larger scale. That included being invited to meetings where new policies for the university got introduced and discussed, be a member of a forum that was in charge of making changes to the university (whether small or big), and many more responsibilities.

But that’s not all, since my studies also included both theoretical and hands-on studies and experience. The practical side included making your own projects from scratch. In my first year, I created a program that benchmarks some sorting algorithms together. In my second year my team had the task of creating a booking system for a cinema, and in my third year I had my dissertation and a project in the robotics module. These were not just hands-on experiences, but only some of the iconic ones. When it came to the theoretical work, our lectures were conducted by lecturers who are also published researchers, and even when learning about basic technologies we are taught about the state of the art in the field.

If I had to say something that I really liked about my university experience so far, I’d say it’s that students have services made solely for them, whether it’s for mental health and wellbeing, places to hang out around campus, places to study or even exercise and fitness facilities. And Leeds as a city complements this, where it’s an extremely student friendly city with loads of places offering student discounts and part time jobs with flexible schedules to fit students’ timetables.

Looking forward to getting in touch with you all!

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