Abeer Alaydi

Hey! My name is Abeer Alaydi, I am from Jordan and I am studying masters in International Business at Leeds University Business School (LUBS). Before I come to Leeds, I studied BSc in Management Information Systems at the University of Jordan and Entrepreneurship at Indiana University. I chose The University of Leeds because it has the best MSc International Business programme in the United Kingdom, professors like Peter Buckley who wrote the most important international business theories teach at Leeds University Business School, I also like the different assessment methods including stimulation, presentation, videos, exams and written assignments and I believe these are preparing us to the real work environment and allow us to make real time decisions.

One of my favourite things about the university is the Leeds University Union, which is huge and has lots of activities, clubs and societies, it is easy to find people who do the same activities as you as well as discovering new activities, it is so easy to be active in the university. Personally, my favourite thing to do in my free time is to go to the Edge Gym which is one of the biggest university gyms, I enjoy the boxing classes so much.

I love Leeds as a city, it is international and full of life, the city is walkable and the city centre is close to the university campus, there are so many things to see such as museums, parks, shopping malls and events happening all year long like Night Lights Leeds, Bonfire Night, concerts for example I enjoyed Jessie J concert two months ago and events of all types that suits all interests.

I find it easy to make friends at the university, I have friends from all over the world, I love how diverse the students are, we come from all parts of the world, we speak different languages and have different cultures so it is easy to learn about other countries and other cultures especially for an International Business student. Another factor that is allowing me to feel comfortable and engaged is my strong relationships with my professors, they are easy to talk to and reachable at all times, I can easily arrange a one to one meeting with any of my professors, get feedback on my development and academic and professional advice.

There are lots of opportunities provided by the university for students to tap on their knowledge, for example I have been selected for the Study Tour that will take place in Switzerland in April 2019, this was a partially funded scholarship given by the university to 20 students from the business school to visit Swiss companies, meet CEOs and learn at Zurich University.

I currently live in Grayson Heights which is a university accommodation, it is a little bit far from the university but what I like about it is the view, I live in the 7th floor and I have a great view, I can see the sky changing colour everyday.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions!

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