Light Night

Written by Najwa Nor Ikhsan

One of my favourite events is Leeds Light Night. It’s a wonderful event that takes place all over Leeds City Centre. Plus, it’s free! Beautiful light displays are placed all over. Friends and family would come to enjoy the night. The event lasted for two days. So, if you couldn’t see everything on the first day, you’d still be able to on the next day! Not to mention, you’d get to take great pictures for your Instagram. I mean, who wouldn’t be impressed by dragon projection on buildings, right? It’s a brilliant and fantastic way to destress and chill with your new university mates.

This year’s theme is the celebration of progress and innovation. Big buildings like the Millennium Square was used as a big screen to project an interesting artwork called Chaos.

I personally loved the performance by Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra at Corn Exchange. It was absolutely wonderful. The musicians were great and the music was beautiful. As they play their instruments, a show was projected above them. They perform four times on both nights so that everyone will get to watch and listen to their show.

You can always plan your trip ahead. Leeds Light Night website will update you with the performance and light shows around town. Usually on the first day of the event, there will be a parade. Last year I had a great time volunteering to create a lantern and joining the parade. Anyone can join and volunteer with them. You’d just have to sign up for it and it’s free!

Since Light Night is a free event, they sell their guides as a way for the public to support the two-day event. Live music fills the streets and lots of laughter too. I would strongly encourage any new students to go and experience Light Night.



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