Traveling around Yorkshire

If you’re anything like me, you’d perhaps like to spend your weekends hiking mountains, discovering new towns and medieval abbeys or spending a day out on a beach. England’s natural landscapes, beautiful coastlines and historic cities might be just what you want to have a fulfilling year in the UK while you’re doing your studies here. Living in the north of England is just a blessing! You don’t have to travel long miles to see cultural landmarks, cruise in beautiful lakes or discover stunning cathedrals which date back to the 3rd century, and it’s all on your doorstep.

During my time in Leeds, I tried to see as much as I can from this beautiful region. Please read on to find out about six of the north’s most famous and beautiful cities and towns I visited.


No trip to Yorkshire would be complete without visiting York, a city known for its Viking past. Only about 20 minutes away from Leeds, this city has everything you need to enjoy a break from your studies. During my two visits to York, I couldn’t stop myself from admiring York Minster, a 7th century church. Why not when it’s one of the world’s most beautiful and ancient cathedrals of all time? You can also delve into York’s heritage by visiting the Shambles, one of the oldest streets in the city with buildings dating back to the fourteenth century.

Walking in the street, you can find many clothing shops, popular eateries, bakery shops and souvenir sellers. And, of course, you can’t leave the city without visiting Bettys, the famous Café Tea Rooms on St Helen’s Square which was found in 1936. It’s a place where you can try cakes, chocolates and legendary afternoon tea and coffee, all served in sparkling silver pots.


Sheffield is a city bursting with life and creativity. Apart from its award-winning theatre, the Crucible Theatre, the city has an interesting cultural scene ranging from festivals and social events to music and films. During my time there, I saw a play at the Crucible Theatre, enjoyed lunch in a local restaurant and visited Sheffield’s award-winning Winter Garden, a house for more than 2,500 plants from around the world.

 Discovering the city on foot is the best way to learn about its culture, hidden museums and shops and get the feel of its people.


Lovely people, great food and rich culture—what more would you want from this great city? Situated in the beautiful northern English county of West Yorkshire, the city is only 25 minutes away from Leeds by train. Who says that Bradford isn’t culturally rich when it was the place where famous writers were born? The city was home to the Brontë sisters. The Brontë Parsonage Museum is a great place to discover more about the works of the three famous sisters. The city is also famous for its art galleries, parks and theatres.


What’s better than spending your time in Scarborough–the home for glorious beaches, ice cream parlours, breathtaking coastlines and local casinos? I spent a whole day touring this beautiful resort town, playing my favourite casino games and eating the tastiest fish and chips meal ever. After that, I took a boat ride and enjoyed the panoramic views over the breathtaking Yorkshire coast line from Scarborough Castle which history dates right back to the bronze age.


Situated in the Wharfe Valley, this town might just be your perfect destination if you’re going for a hike. With its magnificent countryside, excellent restaurants and authentic food markets, Ilkley is considered to be one of the liveliest towns in the north, making it a destination for so many tourists and locals all year long. You can never leave Ilkley without visiting the Cow and Calf Rocks, a famous sight to visit in Ilkley Moor. Make sure to get your hiking boots on before you start this exciting adventure!


Make sure to visit this magical town for a great day out. The nature was breathtaking that I had to spend a full two hours of hiking to reach the top of the Chevin which gave me an amazing view across the Wharfedale valley. After hiking, I had to stop for lunch at one of the local restaurants. The food was great, and I enjoyed having a conversation with the locals who were friendly and down-to-earth.

So now, why would you want to go away for a holiday while you have a fantastic landscape, the largest holiday resort on the Yorkshire coast, famous theatre houses, great towns and villages which constituted the chapters of the Brontë sisters all on your doorstep?