Sounds of Asia

Written by Najwa Nor Ikhsan

On the 1st of August, the Sounds of Asia produced a free showcase at Millennium Square in Leeds City Centre starring various musicians showcasing the beauty of traditional instruments. I attended the ‘Jugalbandi’ show and was mesmerised by the collaboration of four musicians through their individual instrument. Each instrument told a story to one another in a wonderful tune that captivated one’s ears.

I found that the instrument played by Ustad Dharambir Singh M.B.E a unique piece. The sitar let out high pitched sound that enveloped the whole stage. The musician himself wore an all-white outfit which echoed a majestic presence on the stage as he strummed the sitar. The showcase encouraged young people to pursue music to keep the traditions alive.

It was lovely to spend the evening accompanied by tunes that reminded you of great film soundtracks. Families and friends came to just sit and chill amongst the benches provided. There are many other events that will be taking place around Leeds this summer. The next big event will be Leeds Pride (Sun, 5th August). If you are still around Leeds, go out and explore the city. There’s always something to do!


Najwa Nor Ikhsan
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