#LinktoLeedsgetsEdgy: Victor’s story

Written by Victor Enendu

I had such an amazing time at the University of Leeds fitness facility, called “The Edge” a few weeks ago! The University of Leeds is well known for its sport and recreational facilities. The Edge offers a wide range of both indoor and outdoor exercises as well as fitness classes. It has indoor courts, such as the squash court, swimming pool (with sauna and steam room), basketball court, badminton court, indoor climbing wall, indoor football pitch and so many others. Other outdoor facilities include football pitches that are located straight outside the Edge where students can play football. Other than that, The Edge has got large indoor gym facilities that consist of highly technological equipment for different exercises (workout).

The Edge is open to everyone and enjoyed by students, staff, alumni of the University and public members. So, over the past week from Monday to Friday, my friends and I were actively involved in the different activities that The Edge offers.

On Monday, all of the Link to Leeds Ambassadors played squash and went for spinning classes. We began by booking the court at an earlier date. At the start of the game, the instructor taught us the basic rules and serves in squash as well as different shooting techniques. We practiced the serves like the instructor taught us and I was the first to make a good shot followed by Ahmad. With the courage from the instructor I ended up making the best shot.

After the squash, Daniella and I went straight to the spinning class. In the spinning class they had music playing, this was great motivation! The spinning lasted for an hour and a half, consisting of different levels of applying effort to the pedals with different numbers of gear.

On Tuesday we went to the climbing wall. The climbing was one of the most interesting exercises carried out. The Instructor ensured that health and safety was maintained throughout the whole time we were there. We learnt the basic skills of climbing by starting with the bigger and wider stones which are easier to grip. We were put into different teams to compete against each other, we started climbing to the peak. My team, Team Nigeria won in the competition by making it to the top first.

On Wednesday my friends and I took the activities outside by organising a 5-aside football tournament. I booked the outdoor pitch for us to play, we were also provided with a ball. The pitch was really neat with net used in fencing the court to prevent the ball from going out. My team was made up of 6 international students (2 Nigerians, 2 Indians and 2 Arabs) and there was a good teamwork even though we lost!

The Edge opens at 6.00am, so on Thursday, I went for an early Cardio session. The University gym has different cardio machines with each one having smart technological features. On the Cardio machines, you can watch your favourite TV Channel or YouTube. You can even Skype while doing cardio and you can also connect to Bluetooth devices. I started with the treadmill machine, in which I watched YouTube on the machine as I enjoyed my cardio and later did rolling and the step machines.

On Friday all of the Link to Leeds ambassadors played badminton and I did some calisthenics as well. At badminton Ahmad (my partner) and I lost to the other team because it was my first time playing badminton!

On Friday evening my friends and I did calisthenics. We started this session by doing some stretches as a warm up. We did body weight exercises like Push ups, Rope hanging, Handstands, pull ups and pressure, followed by an abs workout as lead by my friend. The session was really interesting because we were watching the world Cup at the Edge whilst working out as well!



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