#LinktoLeedsgetsEdgy: Daniela’s story

I have never considered myself an athlete, but I enjoy doing sports and exercising regularly. Last week, Victor, Haleemah, Melina, Ahmad and I had the opportunity to try the facilities of The Edge Gym from the University of Leeds. I already had the membership and had attended some exercise classes, but I think everything is better when you have friends with you. We tried group activities and individual classes, some were hard, and others were more fun, but all of them were great and made us sweat a bit.


The week started smoothly for me. We had our first group activity: Squash! Coach David Lines guided us on how to play and helped us to feel comfortable in the court. None of us had tried squash before, and at the end of the session, we were able to serve and at least hit the ball with the racquet. Not a bad start.

Everything was good until I volunteered to go with Victor to a Keiser Cycle class. Friendly reminder: Never underestimate a cycling class, NEVER! I had warmed up a bit with the Squash, so I thought cycling would be nice… Don’t get me wrong, Liz, the instructor, is full of energy and they all seemed to enjoy it (BTW, Victor said he will be back every week), but I think my body was just not made for that. I took many breaks and cycled slower than the rest of the class, and I survived at the end.


High-level races! Literally high. Tudor (remember this name) showed us the basics of wall climbing and then challenged us to a race between ourselves to the top of the wall. It was a close competition and we all won at least one race. It got especially interesting when Mia, the pro, joined our team and gave us a few extra points. At the end (Dr) Victor won the ultimate race, becoming the climbing champion, at least among the Link to Leeds Ambassadors.

After the Climbing session, we all got sandwiches from Bakery 164 and we were ready for our next activities. Ahmad and I tried P90x, which, according to the instructor Michelle, it’s the training that Victoria’s Secret models do. I really really liked it, I could say it was one of my favourites of the week (I will do it every week now). It is a High-Intensity Interval Training, but it is not hard or too tiring. Good for fat burning.


To be honest, I rested on Wednesday because you will read Thursday… ↓


Since I got my schedule for the week, I had mixed feelings for Thursday. I was both scared and excited at the same time. I started the day with personal training by Chris, I warmed up with some squats and lunges, then some weight lifting, cardio by rowing, and abs (please, do not underestimate workout for abs either). I was tired, but the good tired, and I also had to save some energy for the rest of the day.

After personal training, my team of ambassadors joined for Basketball in the Sports Hall. I have never been good at Basketball, but I scored some hoops. As well as my friends, who showed to be very competitive and energetic #WildPlayers. Remember Tudor? Well, he was kind of the guide/coach/trainer for Basketball at that moment, and he joined us for a short game.

Well, the day does not end there. After personal training and Basketball, we also wanted to be part of Annica’s Zumba class, since she also works with us on the Link to Leeds Ambassadors Program. Her class was fun, the rhythms and the music were very uplifting, and I felt like I worked out without feeling tired. After her class, I could only go home, eat something, take a shower, and watch Love Island (British reality show) with my housemates.


Finally, Friday! The weekend was here, but we knew it was our last day of fun activities in The Edge. We had booked a Badminton court for Friday. And again, nobody had played Badminton before. We had no idea what we were doing, and we had to google the rules of the game until something unexpected happened… TUDOR SHOWED UP! (Remember I told you to remember his name?) He taught us the real rules of the game and gave us some tips for playing better. He played with us for a bit as well. What would we have done without Tudor?

I had no extra classes on Friday, but my friends tried Yoga and Clubbercise also in The Edge. When we were leaving the gym after a short week living there, guess who we saw as a lifeguard of the pool? Yes, you guessed: Tudor! Again!

I would like to thank all the staff from the Edge for all the help and support they gave us to complete all the activities, especially Liv, Peter, and Tudor. Also, to my awesome friends and ambassadors for their energy and disposition to make the activities fun and unforgettable. I think this week helped us to become closer and get to know each other better. And last but not least, to Annica and Hannah for giving us the opportunity to be part of this.

Thanks for reading and remember to say hi to Tudor if you see him around The Edge (tall guy with glasses and beard).

Until next time!