Five cities in five days.

Written by Najwa Nor Ikhsan

Last spring my friends and I went for the most strenuous, adventurous and wonderful trip to Spain. Are you ready for it? Here we go!

First day: London Stansted

First stop, we gathered at London and slept at my friend’s place. Our flight was in the early hours of the morning (I really have problems waking up in the morning). We took a cab to London Stansted and our first stop was- IBIZA! We were like a group of excited puppies. The trip was planned at the very last minute and I’ll tell you at the very end of this blog how much it cost us (everything from food, accommodation and transportation).

First day: Ibiza  

We took a bus to Ibiza city and stored our bags. We then ventured around the city and enjoyed a good dose of sunshine. We then hopped on a boat and went off to one of the neighbouring ports to have a good lunch. How can one go to Spain and not have PAELLA. Once we finished the scrumptious paella (it tasted divine) we rushed back to the airport to catch our flight to Barcelona. You would have laughed if you had seen how viciously I grabbed the cab driver’s door as we were rushing. I forgot that they drive on the left!

First day: Barcelona

We checked in at a hostel. It was a cosy place where other travelers like us stayed. We cooked our dinner there. Since we’re Asians, we always use onions, garlic and chili in our food BUT none of us knew how to switch on the kitchen exhaust hood. We ended up making the whole kitchen and common area smelling like a garlic air freshener! Good god, it was embarrassing! I was coughing non-stop because of the chili. Everyone else just laughed till a lady came and helped us. I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself. It was quite the scene. A good trip is one that has a few embarrassing moments, I’d say!

Second day: Barcelona

The next day we ventured towards the city and visited Park Guell. We fell in love with the mosaics and colourful tiles. The place was very magical. We then went to La Sagrada Familia and spent the afternoon there. Both places were filled with tourists. Barcelona is truly a lively city. We finally headed back to the hostel to have dinner and even made a friend from the States! We then packed our bags- ready for our night bus to Madrid.

Third day: Madrid

Fuh! We survived the night bus. Our body ached from the long journey and we were very eager to move around. We stored our luggage at the bus station and roamed around Spain’s capital- MADRID. The city is clean cut with iconic landmarks and statues. I mean, look at the pictures! The sky was clean and so blue. Once we had walked around Madrid, we went back to the bus station and waited for our bus to Granada. The bus journey to Granada was so much better since it’s a shorter journey. We stayed at an Airbnb that had a dog and a cat who thought that it was a dog. We were very entertained by them. Since we arrived so late, we immediately went to bed so that we could try getting Alhambra tickets in the morning.

Fourth day: Granada

We went to Alhambra early in the morning to line up for the tickets. Luck was not on our side. After queuing for 2 hours, alas there were no walk-in tickets at all. We were very upset since we did try getting them online a month before and they were sold out as well. I’m not going to lie, we were very crushed and disappointed. Despite that, we ventured around the outskirts of Alhambra with a smile on our faces. The view was spectacular, with geometric patterns embellishing the buildings. We then went back to the Airbnb to rest.

Fifth day: Malaga

We took a morning bus to Malaga. My oh my, Malaga deserves more recognition! We went to the beach. Jazz music filled the air. The ambience was very relaxed like you’re in a spa. It felt like our bones were melting and the whole place screamed of vacation. After hours of strolling and sightseeing, we got ready to catch our flight back to London.

I’d definitely recommend anyone who studies in the UK to take the opportunity to travel around Europe. Our trip cost us £250 each. Flights are cheap if you know where to go. It was truly a memorable trip. One filled with laughter and hilarious moments of us rushing to get to our next destination.


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