University Easter Activities: Football Match & Volunteering

Over the Easter break students either go back home, travel, or stay in Leeds. The university offers students staying in leeds many activities to participate in, such as volunteering, countryside walks, cooking demonstrations, a community meal, free 5 a side football with food, and experiencing live football and rugby matches.

In this blog, I will be covering my experience from participating in a 5 a side football match and watching a live football match between Leeds United and Sunderland. I will also be covering a volunteering taster session that took place at Bedford Fields Forest Garden.

For myself, it is usually less common for me to play football during Easter as most of my football friends don’t stay in Leeds. So, when I saw a free 5 a side football match advertised and organised by the university, I decided to give it a chance and it did not disappoint!

I had a wonderful experience meeting friendly people that had different reasons for participating. Some students just really loved football and took any chance they saw of playing some friendly competition, some took it as a chance to exercise and relax from studying, and some participated for the free food (I guess they earned it after playing a full hour building their appetite). But yes after playing an hour of football, the university offered a £5 voucher for students to grab some food and socialise. I got the chance to speak with the other students and exchanged numbers with some so we can play again soon. Overall I think this activity was a great way for people to get some exercise, meet new people, and try something new.

On the 7th of April students got the chance to experience a live football match between Leeds United and Sunderland. To make the activity affordable and enjoyable, the university offered the tickets at a discounted price, and organised a meeting point in the city so that all the students would travel together and get a chance to socialise before the match. I’d like to add that seats were amazing and from the pictures you can see how close we were to the football field.

It was a great experience for people who wanted to experience a live sports event or students who were afraid to go alone. I met people from various countries and backgrounds and the following are some comments from their experience:

“I made a few new friends and had a nice chat with them throughout the trip. A very good experience overall”

“The activity was exciting because it was the first time I saw fans supporting their team, with the songs and passion it involves”

“I don’t feel comfortable going to a football match alone, so I appreciate the school organized such a trip. I can enjoy the match as well as meeting other students from the school”

Finally, Bedford Field Community Forest Garden is an open-access garden that provides valuable green space to the local communities of Woodhouse and Hyde park. Students were invited to attend their weekly ‘Work Day’ and got the opportunity to learn about forest gardening and get involved in practical tasks whilst relaxing, socializing, and having fun! One student who attended said “It was a great experience, I had a chance to meet people from different countries, it was a meaningful volunteering event”

I would like to thank all the students who shared comments about their experience. If you’re interested to see what other events are available during the break, have a look at the Global Community website for more information.