Easter Cooking Demonstration

Happy Easter! Easter was around the corner and most of the students are now enjoying their holiday. If you have been following our blog, you would have come across a wonderful post about Chinese dumpling cooking demonstration written by our lovely ambassador Kari Medalla. If not, make sure to check it out. And yes, the cooking demonstration was coming back again this month. This time it was about Easter themed food which was hosted by Global Community of Leeds University.

Since I started my first year of university, I cook for myself almost everyday. I then developed a strong interest in cooking and always challenge myself to learn new dishes. Cooking demonstrations have always been the kind of event I am looking for. There are a series of cooking demonstrations going on throughout the year that provide opportunities for students to learn some interesting recipes from professional chefs and we get the chance to taste them too. And what’s the best part? It’s free!!! All you have to do is sign yourself up before tickets run out.

The cooking demonstration took place at the refectory. It started with a brief introduction by two lovely chefs from Great Foot at Leeds about what kind of food do British people usually eat during Easter season. Without further ado, they began to cook the first dish.

The first dish was an Arabic style baked egg filled with soft vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, courgette and eggplants. Cheese and salami could be added as extra ingredients if one prefers. The magic of this dish was its unique Arabic spices Kuku and Sumac, with a touch of coriander. All the ingredients were stir-fried in a pan before baking it in the oven. While cooking the dish, the Chef passed around the spices for us to smell, that unfamiliar yet intriguing smell. Since it would take more than 20 minutes to bake the egg, he just prepared one beforehand so all of us hungry souls didn’t have to wait anymore.

He carefully sliced the baked egg into big chunks. It looks so delicious, isn’t it? Can’t wait to try!

The second dish was a traditional fish cuisine, shallow fried salmon with edamame (soy beans). Started off with a generous chunk of butter on a piping hot pan, the chef put the salmon skin down onto the pan and sprinkled with salt and pepper. When the salmon was almost cooked, edamame, capers, lime and lemon were added in to give the dish an extra twist. It was finished off with some parsley on top.

Look how mouthwatering it is. Everybody was so eager to try it out.

Wait, that’s not all of the event? You are right. Our creative event organizer has put in a fun interactive activity for us which was an Easter egg design competition. We were asked to decorate an Easter egg within 20 minutes using any of the coloured syrups available (green, blue, yellow, red, orange), crushed peanuts and button-shaped chocolates.

Have I mentioned the prizes? You will be in shock by how amazing the prizes were, trust me. 3rd prize was two Easter eggs. I know you are probably rolling your eyes now. Hold on, let me tell you what the second prize was.


And the first prize was………




A meal for 2 cooked personally by these two professional chefs!!! How great that is!!!

After hearing about the prizes, I bet everyone was trying harder than they did for their dissertations 😂.

Look at all these wonderful works! You will be surprised by how much potential one can draw out from themselves when the prizes are really attractive.

This was my design. I know, please don’t judge me, I tried my best. I am an engineering student, artistic design was never a part of my life.

My friend got the third prize. Congratulations to her yeah!!!

The moment of truth has come. Guess which two of them got the first and second prizes?

Second place: the egg on the bottom right

First place: second from bottom right

They were great, weren’t they? Hope I could be just a little bit better in art 😢.

The announcement of the winners marked the end of this event. Even though the rest of us didn’t manage to get any prizes, we were all given some tasty hot-cross buns and chocolates to take home.

To conclude, it was an excellent event, I learnt a lot about food from other cultures and made some new friends. I will definitely join again, for the appealing recipes, tasty food, fun and interactive games. A huge “Thank You” to Global Community for organizing such a marvelous event that brought together students like us who have a strong passion for cooking and gave us an opportunity to enjoy ourselves with food. Also a special thanks to Katy for coming up with the idea of an Easter egg designing competition. It was really enjoyable. Let’s look forward to the next cooking demonstration!!! Yeah 😊.