#ADayInTheLife: Business School student Somdutta

It’s unbelievable how fast the second semester is zipping by. You barely have time to catch your breath or catch up on sleep! Even so, when spring break comes around, things tend to get a little relaxed. The days get longer, it’s quieter around the university, and I simply cannot wake up in the morning at a decent hour.

The last Wednesday of March is no different. I wake up later than I had planned to, having slept through half a dozen alarms, and start by checking my messages. I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast, and it looks like they have overslept as well. Welcome to uni life!

My day doesn’t really begin until I have had a strong cup of tea and a proper breakfast. I make myself some Twinings Assam tea, before getting dressed and heading to The Library, which is incidentally a pub -slash-diner close to uni, where we sometimes grab breakfast over assignments or group meetings. My friend orders pancakes and I go for the English breakfast… they also have unlimited refills on their filter coffee, by the way!

After a laidback breakfast, I head to the real library. The weather is nippy and perfect, and spring flowers are blooming all around. The walk through the union square to Edward Boyle Library is refreshing, but makes me realize how deserted the campus seems around now as compared to term time.

The library too is emptier than usual, and I head to the 13th floor where we like to study, since it is an exclusive postgraduate floor. For today I had booked a single study room to myself (postgrad privileges!), and the window overlooks the grand Great Hall at some distance. One of my friends is studying on the 12th floor and we spend a few minutes sending each other photos of the views we have from our respective floors. I spend the next couple of hours working on a Brand Management essay for one of my modules. Added advantage of a single study room? I can play music out loud (albeit softly) while I work in a library!

I take a break a little before three in the afternoon, so I can grab a coffee from the café downstairs before it closes. The closing hours everywhere on university are earlier than usual during the break, which means we are practically turned out of the library every day between seven and eight in the evening. Sadly, I have so much work, I would gladly stay all night in the library if they only let me.

On this day though, I have to go grocery shopping and so I leave around 7, so I can buy food before I starve because I put off food-shopping too many times. Every new student in Leeds is initiated into the art of shopping like a local at Morrison’s, a huge supermarket on Albion Street that’s also super accessible. I actually have a Sainsbury’s bang opposite my house and an Arabic supermarket around the corner, but I prefer to stock up on groceries at Morrison’s because of their sheer variety and frequent offers. The problem is, you always end up buying double the amount of stuff you needed.

The 2 for £3 offers on fruits are always tempting, and I pick up boxes of summer berries for a tart I want to bake for Easter. On to veggies, fish fillets, cheese, dessert, rolls, crackers, the works. While I am in the city centre, I also manage to make a quick stop at Starbucks to try one of their new chai lattes. I am quite addicted to Starbucks, and it’s probably a good thing there isn’t one too close to my house!

Armed with a week’s worth of groceries, I am finally done for the day and I manage to get a bus home almost immediately. Since I travel frequently by bus (there’s a stop right across from my apartment block), I use the First Student Term Pass which makes my life easier. I return home to find my flatmates gathered in the kitchen for dinner, and an Amazon parcel waiting for me.

It’s my new bunny-print bedsheets, well in time for the Easter weekend. A pleasant end to a productive day!

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