Snow day in Leeds – Building my first snowWoman!

 Hello Everyone! What a nice morning I had today! I woke up struggling to get out of bed in the cold morning like I usually do. I sleep with my curtains open so the day light enters and helps me to awaken. When I looked at the window I saw my Christmas dream coming true later in February. There’s a lovely tree outside my bedroom window and in December I was expecting the day that I would wake up and see it all white and beautiful. Today it wasn’t only snowing, but everything was white and covered in snow!

After realizing the winter wonderland that was outside I rushed out of my bed like a child seeing winter for the first time. We don’t have snow in Brazil where I’m from and we’ve had some thin snow in Leeds, but not enough to actually go outside, play, build a snowman.

I was filled with excitement but I had a full day of lectures to go through. So I started to get ready to go to the University. I was looking forward to walk on the heavy snow outside. While I had my breakfast I saw a message from my classmates saying that we would start later because it was still snowing a lot. I couldn’t be any happier! I put my warmest clothes and a pair of nice gloves then rushed outside.

I had nothing to stop me from doing everything I saw in the movies and dreamed of. Picking snowflakes with my hand, rolling on it, doing a beautiful angel. They really do look like angels! It was really amazing, I felt I was in one of those movies when they have the class canceled because of the snow and all the kids go outside and play!

At some point in this special morning I decided to build a snowman. All of my flatmates were sleeping so I would have to figure out how to do it. I didn’t think much and just started. I got really excited, having so much fun feeling the texture of the fluffy snow in my fingers even with gloves the sensation of it was really good. I got very impressed on how the snow molded so well and got firm. To be honest I was feeling like Michelangelo making a sculpture! Just joking, but it felt good and creative indeed! When I finished I couldn’t feel my fingers but I had built my beautiful snowWoman! Yes I wanted it to be a lady! I had spent 1 and a half hour making it and hadn’t even realized! The time went so fast and I didn’t feel cold anymore. She was there, complete, my first snowWoman! I am so happy I made her I can’t even tell how much fun I had! I have named her Maria Gelada (Cold Mary). Her name is portuguese because she is my brazilian child!

When it stopped snowing I had my lectures and it was another beautiful surprise to encounter an all white University of Leeds! I will admit I was late to class because I spent a lot of time taking pictures, but it was completely worth it! I encountered a tiny cute snowman in front of my school (The school of Performance and Cultural Industries). I am glad to see there are other people playing in the fluffy snow.

To end this day I went out in the evening with my flatmates to play. We improvised our own sledge and slid down a hill. It was very thrilling, I think I’m still laughing. Hope you all had an amazing and special snow day like I did! A frozen kiss from Maria Gelada.