LUU Dance Ball

Written by Minori Iwahashi

The LUU Dance Ball united all dance and performance societies for one huge party! With a champagne reception, three-course meal, a photographer and DJ, the Leeds Marriott Hotel turned into a dance venue for us to take over. What’s great about these balls is that people from different dance backgrounds can come together, socialise and celebrate the end of an incredible year. The hotel accommodates for any dietary requirements, which is also a great thing and makes the night just that much more enjoyable and hassle-free for all.

After all that food, wine and dessert, the food baby has to go so Lauren Huxley, the Dance Rep for LUU, arranged an after party at The Backroom in Call Lane for half price entry and some free alcohol! We danced until the early hours of the next day and it was definitely an unforgettable night. If you are thinking of joining a dance society, don’t let this be the only reason to sway you but let it be known that it was one of the highlights of my year!


Minori Iwahashi
Hi, My name is Minori. I was born in Japan but grew up in Germany for 16 years. After completing my International Baccalaureate, I decided to come to Leeds and...
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